About Us

The Legendary Mastermind Roadshow has been Notting Hill Carnival’s go-to Hip Hop, Soul, and R&B party for the last 40 years.

The Legendary Mastermind Roadshow was formed in the late Seventies. As one of the first Sound systems to specialise in Soul, R&B and Hip Hop within the UK and we are proud to be recognised as the ‘’foundation’’ by London’s leading Hip Hop and R&B DJs.

Mastermind is renowned for their two-day performances at Notting Hill Carnival, which began in the late Seventies very early Eighties, partying next to Ladbroke Grove Station alongside TWJ before moving to the infamous ”caged ” area under the Westway, this became THE place to be at Carnival. 

The beginning of the Nineties saw us relocate to our current location in Canal Way at the top of Ladbroke Grove where we showcase and support the signed and unsigned UK talent sprinkled with an International flavour over the two days of Carnival with some of the finest both past and present regularly gracing our stage.

From the start Mastermind has never neglected its Soul/Funk/R&B roots. Mastermind is considered a pioneer of the Hip Hop movement in the UK and has worked alongside greats like Grand Master Flash, DJ Whizzkid, Afrika Bambaataa.