The Legendary Mastermind Roadshow

Woohooo! Our third #BlackPoundDay 5th september 2020 is a few days away and these Children are in full support of the movement.

We simply invite consumers of all ethnicities/cultures to make a conscious effort to

1. Spend with Black businesses on that day.

2. Take a picture of the business/purchase.

3. Share that business/purchase on social media and hashtag #BlackPoundDay

4. Upload your receipts to the website to show your impact.

5. Recommend that business to a friend.

• Black businesses are amongst the least visible on the high street and online.

• Black businesses are Amongst the least to get funded via banks and investors.

• To every pound a white household makes Black Households generally bring in 1/10th of that figure.

A long history of systematic oppression, discrimination and racism is inflicted against the Black community, blighting access to the same economic freedoms the dominant culture in the UK are privy to, making #BlackPoundDay a very important initiative to help address and redress the inequalities we as the Black community face. Let’s make the shift not only for ourselves but for the next generation.

And say it together…

United we stand

It’s a movement not a moment

The revolution will be economised

#BlackPoundDay #blackpoundreceipt